II=IIoly Jesus  

P e rf e c t M i n d will re-justify all within! WONDER WHY: *************************************** * !A' SHOWéh! -mine note: 


37 Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true. 38 I sent you to reap what you have not worked for. Others have done the hard work, and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.” -- interpretation of the material lean as on bookstore story --- See simplified question! --- for food is ditto -- collect and gather together "> ******************************* ******************************* 
2. How to Reunion -- Oneness unity -- Become 1    
1 = {(S.P)/(Bx.G)} Unbreakable HeerschapIJ/Community 
2-3. New WorldOneness-Unity ******************************* ****************************** JÖïsÎé°n! iEoua New WorldOnenessUnity

nFinacïen notes:

Foreknowing that these syntheses all True = énoté the c-ase and meant to study anyway, the c-ase is that it is a fact that it is true happening, and that we have to be prepared what is coming true. Fore the original book was and is true foreknowing to help and too uncOurse the cOurse of what isun- -rightful sayed in Scriptürious rewritten book through the ages of d! |--->é
P e rf e c t M i n d will re-justify all within! WONDER WHY: *************************************** * !A' SHOWéh! -mine note: 

The global problem of humanity for moment is that many diverse civilizations C-ame together in a made possible united world connected with an use of it) '|'et the world is not made in a-c!ash!-money-it way yet to live in a united way to live all together with oneness unites. |This created- an unforseen complex problem, what have to be solved so: "we've to do something onto it to make it 1 and all 1-2-1 together 2-1-2 and it is something what must be done, not to rüinate rather to reünite our civilizations ... Be mental prepared", ... May °-d bless you & beloved with you! Jesus Christ.

What am I telling you now? Everything is prone to change. The world we know lives in confusing! - lest, indeed, I rail at things to excess! The resurrection does not have this aforesaid character, for it is the truth which stands firm. It is the revelation of what is, and the transformation of things, and a transition into newness. The light flows down upon darkness, release \\ deficiency. These are the symbols and the images of the-!-resurrection. He it is who makes the good.

---| How ever you try to solve this questiontag is the way that y measure the whole financial matter is build up on a lie whereby the sense the world lives in an ill-money-lustion is declared -- for it is and was for-bidden-Prayer!) --| -- \? Can someone solve this problem? /questiontag! :
We live with 2: a banker and a Borrower. (There is supposedly no one elsewhere money present in the world as data. in given) The borrower asks 1 € on the banker & The banker says okay 'if you give me on one Deadline x-term 2 € returns. The question is How would the borrower ever give that back If you know that there is only 1 € in total Created in the total money system? Or how did it be ruled in the beginning? (This merit example you have to base into the matter of global states of banks --- There is a x amount of total availability, but one asks more back than the availability itself and this offence to break the whole system itself off ---| so you see who or on which facts a-ctualy you decide how much money you receive don't you see -- it is based on none constitutions!?

A GÖDoné-s-end'en-og' food to free you out the hands of the corrupticies! MWATHs!, ...*See! "indeed division makes every nation went into pieces which not create peace! 3 © ® ¥ ™* * ℅℅Δ-√Redify \ CrisiSTourch & show how people havetoo using willpower <42 solving problem fundamentally global> united1 so it means <> indoors & outdoors from outside, within and inwithin :"4Salvation2, ... ***Sense Iq: How should 2 different currencies or 2 different wages do concurrent each without one is equal too each one another?! True they couldn't be equal therefor the world trade is corrupt or plundering 1 or 1another gets a blame by doing so, because they aren't fair-trading with each other and this cause a bubble "sin"king" effect in financy!anyway!)

-|-<>sABBAth°-Day-->> Another question do I've too you: "If the total steadfast costs is add such an height become, that there is nothing left for self-wished expansions to give out on something you loved too or for going out once a day --- Wherefore do we than work the clock overtime if there is non times over too relax or to enjoy? --- In the same way if you've pension and the moral cost is higher-; than you receive for all the works you already have done for the society --- In which kind of society do we than live? One put already pressure before one have done with the works which you doing or what is been left over too do, ... In this way of sight viewing nobody wants to live any longer---


The basically wage has to be introduced and have to be based on the medion cost of a home-price:
the income has to be at least 3 times more than the medion cost of the hire-pand where one lives
--- If the low price home-investigation-hire-price of Belgium standard is 500 € one has to have-
1500 € basically otherwise steadfast cost is too high to live on a normal standard wave of the
community standards -- otherwise 1 have none over to do what one self whishes and this cause a
-agritation to all of them who cannot live anymore on their own -!- & having an home is 1 most
important things to have as well 2 have enough over 2 feed 1self; or HOW family situations=BEing =
based different on hights of feed and having over to spend as on base of normal being 1 (common)

>> This has 2 spread over to the whole world in basic on one's standard waves on equality base!
as on highest rate based <>> Therefor 1 has to made up a standard so the environmental pressure lowers.
even so for who's at work guaranteed by the state with extra from the factury one is involved, …
(Made new laws what if and what if not (openeness) clearity view so one knows what to do see later:
making priorities -- environmental state of MIND -- RISING SKYLINE -- new habitat how W=E work onto it)

*So too the contrary one have to measure heights of the hire-price in how much one can be valued as most -- Particulary For so it is more easy to find one who havnt yet __ the availability for the rank, state and livable room & can be ranked up for who and how where to invest by the owner of the home itself. So it would could being enhigherd, while one particular create a realistic possibility to find a home ... because the difference between not comfortable and luxuour is almost none difference anymore, which creates the possibility for many too none excistens. This pressured the whole society aTisOwn.

How would you do an rehabilitation of new home facilities come into fruition: "For in the same based example as here above --" You govs need to lean an amount on 70 years : for example:  500 € hire-price for who needs a home is payed 240.000€ on 40 years --- See it as that you create a homebuilding fore 500--1000 people with all kind of facilities included in extra room-creations within the complex itself … Calculate what is the total cost to make the whole building complex: "Because the how greater the buildingplan the less the total cost will be -- for the need of ground ^ build in the heights. if you than have the median of 500or1000 x 240.000 € to create it in the now being ...  you will have 30 years won fore restauration in time or to let lower the extra cost such like water, electricity, … while at the end it is a none cost rent of new living ground and the possibility to let family or friends come to integrate in the neighborhood and at the long road you create space to connect nature habitats etc. too!

 --- So there must come a difference between what is the cost for all things which is essential to behold our life secure and between the total amount one can spend outside the moral cost itself to have a free state of mind how too spend how one whishes outside the pressured high cost of life itself. Think about that long time ago in the past one lived in oneness even without money concerns --- maybe this is a step too far already to in planted already again to live in a state where money is non essential --- Still anyone has to known what kind of concerned money does effect our lives, community, nature, ... and so on and so on, ...

This also mean for if one has over too much, in the way how one can manipulated the wicked intensions to do something which where one gets respite of to do it, but had else none other choice to raise there life. So this could go both ways: "In a good sense: "to help or to free out people out there struggles" / Another question would be: "What are you doing if one offers you an amount of 10.000 €: "would you buy a car and nothing left over, or would you buy thereon for the rest of the year your food?" or in a very bad sense: "what have you over to do if one offers you that amount of money?", and of course this last: "bad sense" 1 have to be conscious known and aware that this effect has to stop, for anyone's concerns and livable state for your own security self even so wellbeing and for the riches as well, becuz their security depends on or could come also in disorder too the fact of the violence's caused out deficiency and divisions of wealth's!". It has indeed no sense too explain all corrupt ways or what is went wrong and so on and on to declare it, (one thing you govs need to know: not faired earned money, is making faired due the prakticities of the gamble industry nikolaïten=maffia!)... Still you've to open your eyes and be open minded that there must come a big change to become worldwide united, anyway how you see or hear it, for ours elf behold and for our future even so -- A new world and a new heaven may come forth through our will to make it happen even so Conscious awakening come true, so may it become, and so might be it be, 1 ... "!""



SO I DESCRIBED HOW IT was, IS & NOW AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTERWARDS  :  Seth Eon of Eons , ... iEoua JHzes :-)



How to transform a better and transparent financial policy. Partly with the problems that have surfaced to suppress the problem and to prevent additional problems. ... In such a way that you want to take care that it does not get out of hand. : example and insight view:

"Supply & demand"?
"The question is how does one approach this logic?"
Because it is the true way of doing trade "Supply & demand".
Therefor at the end of this short intro off the way I shall present you the in justice way of Supply & Demand, named in formule sense > the way how it will work out fine --- 1 = (P.S/Bx.G) and Goodtransit = PrioritySupport/Belongx = Need 2 The know how to follow the way into worldwide enlightenments ( it will
softens the workload pressure in common sense time by time due persistens of following path which is been given within notes !)

"Supply & demand"? "The question is how does one approach this logic? in OLD way was it not structured in comprehension with the law of the logical itself.

How so than? Well here the declaration of it. : way left behind:
": Mass production is a factor that also deliberately increases prices. Because suppose when price increases has it effect onto increase companions cifers by selling less. For example, the price will be increased in order to maintain their profit amount at the end of the year with fewer sales. This phenomenon has nothing more to do with the fact that there is too little supply, but too much supply in equation of the demands itself, ...

- Eg. If there are 3 companies that a certain need x transact. See if 1 person needs x right now. Who is going to purchase 1's needs? In this way, price indications do not only happen to each self companion, but also in other in-house company. & also to the competition itself of both diverse-well-the same companions. In such a way that a total sell amount of x-the-same product's well is reduced of that x-product due the fact of the increasement of number by the same comparative companies that traded that certain need x well too. As thereby the concequence of the result, these same comparative companies will have to compete with the many x identical needs and or services. So they have to rise their values of all x-matters of needs -- values in order to maintain a gain to behold their stand and/or guarantee the need for balance of income with the company's balances of incoming payments to competent less sales or less services and behold ownselves gain.

... This is called the integration of price indications on mutually prosperity prosperous levels that can not only be changed for their own sake, and this can not be addressed mutually in self common - Only by addressing the competitive aspect of these same x companies. Due Lowering or the vestigation recoördinations). TrÔ = TrÔ, ...

Over the edge free markets !:
In 2 different countries, which both do trade with 1 comparative goods. That even with the transport cost of point A-B is even less expensive as than if as you would go to the store yourself or in the neighberhood was to find the good itself you was ready to purchade --- At world level seen is this a tragedy - Co-use of the internet makes it worse and, still it makes it easy for every legal entity to investigate this for each product and that puts us in a seat, to conquerrer the price-inspectors; but also ensures that it puts a lot of extra pressure on every prosperous country in this seight of view point and in pricipe also on the person in the seat itself in a not for first insight view thought --- Because if one looks at the total result, such as, for examples: "file and make it difficult to get a job in your own environment, making unnessacery long traffics, ... which than brings stress within family life, because you much more away than being have time at home, >> Immigration << due all concequences of those results".

To give another example idea: 1 € # 1 € & 1 € is certainly not equal to 1 Yen! 1 € diminish another 1 € ?? Indeed what is the difference in average income between Belgium & Greece to declare this example: In Belgiüm it is medion 2250 € compared to. 750 € (approximately) in Greece --> They pay with the same coin (€) but has a total global value in the life, the value of life is the same, but the value of food, products, services, home-investigations, ... is totaly different! --- has effect on immigrations, because elsewhere they receive more than a double as at own base and so they can after x-time come out enslavement situations which occurs due this inter-traffic-courses by going back at home with a saving penny.

The even more delicate aspect of this comparison based on the transaction of money traffic itself & activity event's is presented as follows: "what is the national import & export transition behavior or the economic event itself". Because that creates a bubble effect in the background of the financial system which not obvious clear shown --- but after x-time it is more clear it does have an effect that it slorbs the total amount of money into a 0 behold in the long run. Still it creates exploitation, restlessness, ... of the people, and municipality concernities rising at increased levels due the oppressing inequalities ways.

For example, how the total amount which had to be equal behold and it isn't seen that at the end of the road there is 0 behold:
Greece has to import more than the country exports, as a result of which these mutual transactions eat the Euro (ie in other words: "This will destroy the financial union and the financial steadiness will be shattered by the omission of every currency. which indirectly falls into a bottomless pit.") Because, values ​​of the same product lay higher in the western part of the EU than Eastern for example, which is also in the EU. So if the Greek market imports something with 1 € from Belgium, that importation made that same € just € 0.33 worth in Greece itself, but it remained as € 1 in the Belgian market; since the wage ratio is on average 1/3 lower in Greece than in Belgium. This has nothing to do with the living standards of the two different countries as to how something is contributed to fixed price values. This has an effect on the result of inporting behavior that the cost is higher than that which can be retained in that standard, so that 3x as much worth as it would have been worth in their own country. So the government of Greece loses 3x more value than Belgium if as Belgiüm would import from France in this equal example

Consequently, the money balance (Beyond the system) is divided by 3 in Greece. Because of the import transaction cost that is higher than if they could acquire it themself. The total financial value of Greece in the comparison with Belgian standards. - This means in the comparison with what happens behind the scenes. What you do not immediately show visible. As a consequence, the result will be in time x. in other words: "This will disrupt the financial union, and the financial steadiness will be shattered by the omission of any currency that falls indirectly in a bottomless pit.")

Because if and for example the countries had 11 million inhabitants x 2250 € / month or 11,000,000 x 750 € is a total value balance according to the total financial asset of the constitutional state in equation with the inhabitants; ...
Through which they try to trade with each other in equal financial values ​​in vain. <> Consequence of exchange traffic and unstructured interactions internally and externally> consequence> Chaos.


This applies to every richer country that exported to a less average income country. ... It is even worse outside the EU borders. The reason why it is that such unjust systems, rules over not in justice ways over Africa, or India for example -- So after money is intriggerd they have never received sufficient financial resources to manifest against Northern states. Where the possibility has not been to become beautiful again; as it used to become again beautifully ... Would only can become when we reünion together as 1 whole commune sense of currency -- unite.


Why?: What can you do with € 1 million in Belgium and what can be achieved with the same € 1 million in Congo? In Congo, the same € 1 million can supply the entire population with food and that would have been never possible in the same equation for the valued product heights in Belgium with the same € 1 million (a simple comparison). So now it reached so for that a rich country is also shattered in one way or another.


--- Arrange some restore places of grains and rice --- so the people can learn how to make a breath --- Let them learn how to raise a long standing strow-bale house so they would have the facilities to have a better hygienic place to live a better life , ... http://puur-bouwen.be/nl/projecten 


Because the anxieties that become involved, involve the division system that is subdivided into division and division over various countries and / or continents and that causes tensions and uprisings terror. ... Both externally and internally because one is aware of the problem and thus they do think elsewhere would find it to be better being or would being envisioned as it should be better than stay. These consequences are no-ones fault but it is the fault of divided parts of the unit currency value standards which came come in connection with all together in the 1ness earth we all live together at on it. Really this does not cause diversity, cuz diversity is a good thing, diversity in livable standards is a bad cause! International global we see
what the concequence is as we do nothing on it: cuz this is what 
we now resulting see due these effects : "War propaganda and overstrained situations and to even to ownself = dangerous!"
> > The flow of immigration is continually increasing through the whole divided repression ... So unification globally is a must to control these situations, to save ourselves from the evil that hinders or hides in a global divided system.

Another point is: "Who invests in the housing supply?"
There is already a shortcoming on the world level. So saying there is more supply needed (although this is necessary to think more widely : ) ."In the height but the space sufficiently large indoors and common areas for recreation, bring family and friends
more connected with each one-another, ... etcetera, ..." --- And later this will also be concequence of the result to connect nature better back to each other) --- as well as the real question in how do you see the choice to live --- in supply provision --- the effective need fulfillment) --- Or in refurbishments: "We ask the people to make renovations and whether or not with subsidies". On the other hand
Most people with a low income are already happy that they can pay for their home or rent. Let stand that they can take the opportunity to efficiently renovate the residence and the quality of it...".-- --- Certain aspects of this flow of subsidies to renewal go way too slow in terms of what time it is of our climate awareness! (Explanation of Marcus evangelic head chapter 13: 'Every stone will be dropped down -- ReborNations and Rebuild' - Everything made new:)

Double accounting - simple making = on 1 way why ?: * The reason why is that a computer can take over the unnessasairy administrations (lower workloads -- because the workload they raised to be doing wrong within the companies themselves -- is their not such as a code: "do not live to work but for to live and make a life-system possible for doing so where through by you haven't to work that long whole your life to find free-time" Even so the way prepared for who's at the head) How why did who doing what: Not to mention what costs a can of Coke? AJ Double accounting for exporting and importing the same products within multinational companies. This allows the company to operate itself financially. Only through exchange and transport from one country to another of the same multinational company. As well as setting up tax havens to allow tax inspectors to even apply rules unlawfully, so legally compliant with the standard of the double accounting system. (setting up offshore companies for tax evasion and so on, etc. what is corrupt ways within the system build up)

The tax deductibility systems need to be thoroughly checked and legislation based on this needs to be changed. : Ceilings on capital assets, ceilings of fees within private companies themselves, so also for a fired one -- why should you doing good work if your C4 allows you a high fee?! Ceiling on max. Profit increases of companies to feed back on the needs for the environment. The latter: "Profit increases ceilings of the companies can contribute, so that the already located companies in a certain country x remain in the country where it is now located" Because they cannot anymore go over the top receivings. Commercial policy in an intellectual question is as follows: "How can 2 different countries pay 1 equal currency if these 2 countries use different prices or are reimbursed with different wage values?" It isn't justice so, therefor we need to bridge and guide us to a total unity union associated with each other in justice! -- So in trade values at first point is to equalize the indifferency of both country indifferencies base on same wavelengths -- And the wages also contribute to each one on equality manners!

* The fiscal BTW automatically retaking back re-check for justice transactions (Tax deductibility systems reformations)

How to proceed as a first step:

The inclusion of VAT must be submitted directly from a purchase. This means that if someone purchases something as a private individual from an entrepreneur it is necessary to split the VAT directly with the netto amount of the purchase fee. For example in Belgium it is customary 21% VAT, on most products. : "For example, in this example, an electronic transaction and / or electronic business system should split this transaction from the purchase price including VAT". An example based on this is on a total amount of € 12.10 including VAT: therefore 2.10 € needs to be generated directly to the state treasury and transits the other transaction amount to the entrepreneur himself. Since the VAT is still called a 0 cost or a 0 revenue transaction for the company.

Because of all sorts of tax deductions, entrepreneurs themselves take VAT in their margins instead of being claimed for the state. The state make use of these for investments and / or can offer subsidies for those who are need it WITH A ESSENSION ON WHO IS FOR IN NEED: "not the already rich companies who make handshakes for when they stay at the vestigation where one is layed to stay" --- See therefore the top ceiling on max. wage and winst gain of companies is essential to behold one and the companies themselves in order of the subsidie and the priorities of the ecologic landscape. In this way one can prevent evasions if this happens in terms of wages. The difference between gross (bruto) and netto salary must be claimed directly, as must the company contribution do it likewise. For a double check up that nothing is glossed over (one has to know the total salary -- make known too the state-tax-controllers). Since in the present it is impossible to justify why a multinational does not pay taxes and a grocery store makes more contributions as billionaires. (Than it stop to discutate the matters such as: they or we give already 50% of our-

their high income while they give 0% but invest in a second home which totally is tax-recupelled")

After the annual tax return comes, you can see from there on build or draw conclusions. Whether to donate or refund subsidies or to apply ... Subsidies based on the profit of the company and repaying for 1 or other investment and or necessity seen in the position of the legal entities themselves and the conditions and whether there are any rules that are imposed on it (acceptable laws without unlawfully gates!-)

This is necessary not only for the state to secure,
but also fiscal calculation and administrative work will save time and work because a computer can largely make everything in processing the result.

In addition, there must becoming independent supervisors to ensure fair-trade.

The preparation of top Flafond incomes and top flagrances on total possession of capabilities. Setting up checks in such a way that you can not always pay for yourself for whatever reason - This can become bank supervision to question large transaction sums. If this is allowed to rotate as it should and has been envisaged, the tax burden for each legal entity will actually decrease and the ceiling from when one is exempt from taxes will be increased to offer peace in society itself -- The heights of tax-free will enhigherd due the effect of being honest and fair-system

Applicable for each country to obtain a united state in connection with a 1 creating world and global policy. :
One extra example: "For example the electricity grid": everyone uses this kind of consumption or make use of electricity and in history it was been given to private owners? It is unimaginable what this can do --- Such companies as airlines, water companies, electricity distributors, mobile phone operators, banks, public transport, ... --- should be state-owned assets because the majority of the population use them of and / or is dependent on such authorities. This nationalization and / or even globalization is necessary in order to gain more insight into what and how to structure and what price indications should be used to preserve the prosperous policy and not be continually pro-testédiscuted by the private agencies themselves ...

Fisher Equation : MV = PT

To easily formulate this formula and / or comparison:
There must be as much money in circulation as the total goods or services value = at any given moment and the momentum is as if something goes down or rises in value the total amount of effective money should evolve!
Because suppose there is only 10 € in circulation within the entire system and there is value for 15 € of goods and / or services created, they have made 5 € creations that can not bought up and or services not been served too the need itself to
be fullfilled intention it and so on and so on,


What does this mean based on these equations to equalize the BBP or Bruto nation product to re-state it?

For example the countries had 11 million inhabitants x 2250 € / month or 11,000,000 x 750 € is a total value balance according to the total financial asset of the constitutional state in equation with the inhabitants; and the medion wages:
Through which they try to trade with each other in equal financial values ​​in vain. <> Consequence of exchange traffic and unstructured interactions internally and externally> consequence> Chaos. So in the same equation one should have to make concequences on the Fisher equation: a triple-one-enhighering should have to be allowed to raise one on the otherhand and so being one on both sides! Consequence: Justice and fair handling -- Enhighering atone highest level to be able as the other one = one!


******************************* ******************************* 
2. How to Reunion -- Oneness unity -- Become 1     
2-3. New WorldOneness-Unity                                  

******************************* ******************************* 


JÖïsÎé°n! iEoua New WorldOnenessUnity


1 = {(S.P)/(Bx.G)} Unbreakable HeerschapIJ/Community


Yonéness Honest to become 1
S.P = Supply (Support base . Productivity) or (Presentive . Serving) SOS¨Priorities!!!
Bx.G = Demand (B = Belovedbelong = A need whereinby x isY'r choice . GoodtransitS) --->
The more you'll work together the less you need to do all by yourself and if yOU yourself know what you really need: noté and POST to the community) --- Bring visual clear in question* for where you would love to support and for what you really need 40-2 make it prior happen, so the priority is the beloved need transit as fast as possible, so that our concerns will lessen due making a conscious commune priority! See so'll you lower the duty in global sense ASAP and the Support base its weightings will lower the more you stand in to finalize the priority of the transitions of our needs itself! So you'll an enlighted environment come into purity! REVIVE. Ömeno. *How do you do? Inventarisation of all x -- x in supply and x in demand --- Bring together in a kind of accesquery and make known what the result shown --- This meant for each commune, nation & worldwide vision --- Depend on the result we get, we have to re-organizing and rést-Structure so the demand come in common with the supply --- Everywhere <-->> Even so we have to make a conscious decision whereon we would love to support for work and duty lowering in totality: "So this meant also for yourself": "Less working hours for creating more time to spend whereon we love too in doubled way sensed"! A merit example is: "If something is so much produced that their is much too less demand for it, has it then sense to higher the logic of economics? The logic will become more ecologic anyway by doing so." For quality matters the presentation make known that there is too less investigated in home facilities, has it then sense that we build on to this need? Yes it does have prosperous foreinsightview have a positive effect for anyone to rising the sky view and ours elf ditto!

iEoua *True & EcoLogic path to follow. To Let this above plan come in roulation is as easy as the Revelation itself > Bring your individual needs > Commune database & in global transparantive map vision & 10 making Priority 2 act on the result we see clear in the balance of Supply & Demand 40-2 serve in our Présence to enlighten world's workings all as 1 Together & 2 respect Nature!)
Electrofying & Satisfaction ;)JOYEUX(:

A simplyfied question: How many materials do you use frequently or use dayly which those you've made available to use for your own self? The question you've to make conscious: "How many of those undayly materials you've as products at home which you don't use dayly? Does I = you really need all buy for own self usage? So therefore t-he-m-a-nu-fact-u-ring has to produce endless into a more than actually is needed production = Enhighering pressure ...
So how do we lowering the workload pressure than? What if you bring all those not dayly used stuff together such as you lean a book in a bookstore -!- 2 liberate us and the Environment: So in this way you'll make use of more than; you at forehand could buy or use by your ownself and the more positive news is than that the workload will lessen pressures onto into the global senses) Thanks to your will to make it happen, ... and this meant for anyone who, follow it ... We should better make quality Matter instead quantity to lower the productivity of manufacturing itself and this enguides us all into a state of a relax state, because we won't have to work anymore so long hours anymore in the forward progress we follow onto the priorities we make all together!
* A simpel statement:
There is a difference between what is own to yourself and what is useful to yourself. When you come mention the interPRETation of the commune sense you will all! co}me to know how free us on our own from the endless question where shall we stand in for to support cases instead how to stand in for lower it to enhigher the-reason wherefore is the quest itself to Transform the n in the t en vic-+--a versa! n too l ! OT < NT * * iEoua MiÖj iEoua * * Jésus >>>*<<< * New World Oneness Unity: * D'VA'R HA"SHEM : DiVine Love! AïsÎéÖn iEoua! Amato! iEoua JHzes , ...



... I and we are agreed on that justice? Hi! wl, ...

rein He've préceeded so make sure 2 make it known before it's ready soSee its accomplished 4and4given2-13* :-)

There is a difference between what is own to yourself
and what is useful to yourself. When you come mention
the interpretation of the commune sense you will all!
co}me to know how free us on our own from the endless
" "
q uestion where shall we stand in for to support cases
I nstead how to stand in for lower it to enhigher the
r eason how to liberate us ...
SeetheSriq = come 4Y2 <*>Cj<3 iEoua OMEN


Specific questions and objective :)2Bécome1(: THerecording of the communé:
Why do people on assignment work for the economy, and not the other way around as the economy serves the requesting party to restructure the supply?
10D1: Why shouldnt we trade like a library where we borrow a book, but identical for materialism? In such a way, we do not have to manufacture endlessly in order to no longer buy up materials for our own maintenance at the expense of our own performance. The intention: reduce production, reduction offers free time to spend, and communitive efforts by setting priorities due to putting yourself at the service for the choice of commune priority tasks, which is jointly called into question <demand> in order to provide supply. ... so we build peace, ... in common sense

Understand statements of the fiscal seduction in the tab. financial liesold ways -!- Conquest: bring Oneness unity (order)why?:
Divisiveness is the greatest evil in the world, why then do we act so divided monetary, if you know that every empire goes down like that? Learn a lesson from the Figure tree inside: For more info:* www.iEoua.com be prepared for the most unexpected  , ... so you look/watch at the matter on the indicated website. United 1  * :)
1 = {D.P / Bx.G} in dutch or :)Draagvlak . Prioriteit / Behoefte x . Goed-transport(:
D.P = Aanbod, Bx . G = Vraag
1 = {P.S / Bx.G} in English! :)Support base . Priority / Belong x . Good-transit(:
S.P = Supply, Bx . G = Demand (: x = any
<<The more you bring the need of = good services onto the peoples & the more support will enlighten the workload>>come on:)

May peace be upon you. *