Amen Love to support oneness unity

F ↑ in (M) E

    T -----> ↑ Infinity

F² . M~H

_____    = TIME



F² . M~H 
-----------  = TiMe  

Sounds: when reSonation in our Mind rises, we come conscious aware time is lesson in our Frequency waves& :-) Means even so When (FF.M~H)=(AcceleRation(secondMight)) =

Then We can Time travelling = Keygen JwsHe'

Proves eternity& We' L'8'5'9aFter d'eat'h 13o-DY14-4Soul survive & Born!SCIENCE &Knowledges&DNA;L7I'mWhoI'm&I'm Me

It=nota boyt Who We are 13ut the way We do; & notE' about 'What was been; (grace)' Its What will Be & We thank Y 4 support