Amen Love to support oneness unity
*WeL,! N'é'w;)D13&SON(;*-I-*RA;)*b!OMG)

F ↑ in (M) E'

    T -----> ↑ Infinity

F² . M~H

_____    = TIME

AcceLeRATion e' SONA&ZioNAtive'


8106 (Wait & See):
Sounds: when Frequention rise our Mass M~H = Enligh10ment, we come conscious aware time is LESSon due uplifting AcceLeration & Frequency wAves enhighers us to come aware of our Oura, & our brain, become IQed :-)
Our Body movement becomes quicklier & feels 2bc, walking on clouds.
{(F².M~H)/(R².∆T)}=1 So1 can Timetravel when (FF.M~H)=(RR)! = Keygen JwsHe' 'ETernity Sciences &
We'L7 I Am WhoIAm&I am ME AL YC! It¥NoTa Who We are &A way We do;& note
'40-2 'What was been;4)grace(' & What will Be,
&We thank Y 4support!
Behold E=C
C = H.F whereinby C = Conciousness
{(E . C)/(F . M)} = 1
& (E.C/ F) = M & M = Ev/C²
& Light = The Frequention from our Conciousness.
Conciousness = F . M / E
Once F rises even Light fastens!)
& this because C² = F.C

Conciousness & ISA kind of Spiritual Wave OHM YC?Y!)
our Frequention is rising, because we pass the Photon Belt with the earth as Orbit & all what’s on & in the earth,
will make this transformation through: “schumanresonantion” is for ten thousands of years been 7.83 Hz & Now;
Arisen up to ^33,8 Hz.>60Hz.

What does this causes*?
C = H . F
C = Conciousness
H = 1,602 . 10^-19 J.s
F = 7,83 Hz & rises too 60 Hz.
Conciousness rises too 63,612 .10^-19 J.s.Hz. & sounds Alike: “Jesus=CHrisTen”!)
* The Acceleration of the Earth fastens & thereby the Newton law of gravity lowers. How can this be?
1,43328 x 10^101 kg
__________________ = N 9,81 kg/m.s²
(1,208 x 10^-10)² m/sec²
Aproximathly the acceleration of the earth & the mass of the earth & this is without lose resistance wherein the earth as orbit has been pass through last 10.000 years. Now we crossing the Photon belt = NEW PATH which will fasten the accelerations,because, 1 resistance causes than on 1,602 x 10-19 J.s & the concequence = acceleration will fasten, wherethroughby the gravity will lowering. Because Photon may seen here as a mass enlighter particular light mass. & It actually lowers the weight of earth without that in fact lowering earths weight where so by Acceleration fastens & time shortens. We also BeCome enlighten & quickly as human Mass too through by this phenomenah.
The frequention of Earth Hertz rises due the fasten Acceleration & because (E . C / F) = M & F rise conscious E rise in our body & Mind. = Spiritual Awaken. Throughby acceleration from An Electron in An Orbit )ORAcle(; came AL in shape in beginning & last forever continu! We can conclude: “The Universe is A great Spiral & Time = fractal & acceleration frequention spin in time is created & it grows eternity!)”
{(F². ∆T)/( Ev². R²)} = 1
Ev = A Standard measure 0,511 MeV,
 ET is also the Roots from Ev.
{(F². ∆T)/( √Ev . R²)} = 1
Codex & Origin from ALL Creations!)
{(F². ∆T)/(Ev . R²)} = 1
OMINDDuCe'e'e'* DNA. Y1S AMEN.,)