Amen Love to support oneness unity
*WeL,! N'é'w;)D13&SON(;*-I-*RA;)*b!OMG)

F ↑ in (M) E'

    T -----> ↑ Infinity

F . M~H

_______    = TIME

AcceLeRATion e' SONA&ZioNAtive'



0811 (Wait & See: Spiritual Conciousness & Good LORD!) Breath of Heaven =,


Sounds: when Frequention rise in our Body = M = Massa M~H = Enligh10ment

&we come conscious aware time LESSon due higher AcceLeration. Frequency

wAves enhighers us to come aware of our Oura, & our brain, become + IQed :)

Our Body movement becomes quicklier & feels 2 becoming, walking on clouds.


{(F.M~H)/(R².∆T)}=1 So1 can Timetravel as (F.M~H)=(R²)! = Keygen JwsHe' '

ETernity Sciences & We'L7 I Am WhoIAm &I am ME AL YC! IT¥NoTa Who We

are &A way to follow & note '40-2 'What’s been;4)grace(' & What will Be, & We

Thank You 4 support! Time travelling = rational not possible cuz than the Mass

has to be divided, ... 13UT! Can be possible as one sits on in an mass ^ 1 calls

UFO & defends what lives within it & All this will enables ~ our mind to explorer

quantum physics & many more come able. Our water molecules ~ Ionic loaded

which have healing effect in our body natural self being through Photon Energy

Because Photon may seen here as a mass enlighter &=a particular light mass!


We’ll do the mathematics for the conclusion which stands above & Eternal life:


E = H . F ~

E = M . C²

H = Constant of Planck & = 6,626 . 10^-34 Joules.

E = Energy & power within corps on frequency& C

F = Frequency which will rise in time 7,83 > 60Hz)

(H = In combination to be noted a M in E = M . C²)

M = +- constant in weight & may seen = our Body

C² = Lighten speed & C self = Conciousness E~M



Behold E=C

C = H.F whereinby C = Conciousness

& Light = The F or wave to see Concious a Mass.

& this because C² = F.M

Conciousness = F . M / E

Once F rises even Light fastens ~ Mass enlights!)

Formulation: {(E . C)/(F . M)} = 1

& (E.C/ F) = M & M = C²/F



Frequention rise 7,6628 times because 60/7,83 = 7,6628:

Which means Energy rise about than 7 times within Mass

Your own body, feels 7 times lower while behold its mass

Conciousness enhighers with 7 times so in time IQ lift up!


Conciousness & ISA kind of Spiritual Wave OHM YC?Y!)

our Frequention is rising, because we pass the Photon Belt with the earth as Orbit & all what’s on & in the earth,

will make this transformation throughby “schumanresonantion”= for 11 thousands of years been 7.83 Hz & Now;

Arisen up to ^33,8 Hz.>60Hz. &* This forknowing we need to mathematic what

is time, gravitation & acceleration What does this causes for us & planet earth*?


C = H . F

C = Conciousness

E = H . F

H = 6,626 . 10^-34 J.s

F = 7,83 Hz & rises too 60 Hz.

Conciousness rises too 397,56 .10^-34 J.s.Hz. & sounds Alike: “Jesus=CHrisTen”!)
Instead Conciousness was 7,66 times lower before Frequention rise &H= Constant


* The Acceleration of the Earth fastens & thereby the Newton law of gravity lowers. How can this be?


1,43328 x 10^101 kg

__________________ = N 9,81 kg/m.s²

(1,208 x 10^-10)² m/sec²


Aproximathly the weight of the earth itself (1,43328 x 10^101 kg)

& the acceleration of the earth ((1,208 x 10^-10)² m/sec²) & this=

without loose resistance wherein our earth as oriental = crossing

through the universum for the last +- 11.000 years ago. Now we

crossing the Photon belt = NEW PATH from our earth which will

fasten accelerations of our Earth because 1 resistance of speed

causes than on 6,626 x 10^-34 J.s & concequence = speed will

fasten, where throughby Gravity will lowering. Because Photon;

may seen here as a mass enlighter & a particular light mass. &

It actually lowers the weight of earth without that in fact lowering

earths weight where so by Acceleration fastens & time shortens.

We human beings enlighten cuz body = Mass Body) through by

phenomenah. Acceleration effects on Nature magnetic shield =

Called Rebirth. Becuz the G force = kg/m.s² & m.s² rise N lower  


The movement from the Earth stands still in our perception or perception seen as also here;

our Conciousness while the Earth moves quick actually. < This perception behold stand due

the higher Law from Gravitation. Earth Gravitation lowers from 9,81 > 9,...?! Throughby also

the Frequency lift up to 60Hz instead of 7,83 Hz. So we’ll notice for the matematics that due

Acceleration rise it causes that Frequency rise alike & time shortens. Yet it causes vibration

to come on surface of Earth <> magnetic field change = turbulations due change<movements. 

Earth Hertz rises due fasten “Acceleration = R²” & cuz (E . C / F) = M > Energy rise in our C =

Spiritual Awaking >


Becuz Light = C² or E.C because we concluded before that Lightspeed is alike the frequency from

our being: “C² = F . M” it means that if by change or rise of the frequency our view can go beyond

or reach up to more than the perception from our reality itself that we do now see visable as our

reality view. Which also mean that for example Alien life (UFO) would excist that by change or sit

on another frequency that our conscious perception can see as reality we cannot see visable as they

are would decide not to be on the same frequency wave length as our self Conciousness. In another

way means that we’ll be enabled to go do on mindfulness > Seeing another point of view of life we

know now cuz we can go beyond’ or reach higher in our conscious mind > new heaven

(Theologic’s God’s Kingdom we can only seen by Spiritual awakening).





E = M . C²


M = Ev / C²

& M = an (E)

‘E’ can be equivalent for being just: ‘1 Ev’!!! 


{ᴪ}(n+1) = E² = M . C

E / M = C²

√C . E = M

Because ‘E’ can be 1 Ev & M = Ev / C², we notes:

Ev = Ev/C² . C²

-> √C . Ev = Ev/C²

-> √C/√C . Ev = Ev -> √C/√C = Ev/Ev -> 1=1 

-> & (√C)² = Ev/Ev <-¥-> C = 1 as E = Ev


Causes & needed to be for that dark & light was set apart (C² -- C & C)~

otherwise an creation could not been happened ;)Oracle(; 40-2 creating

life & All excistens -> The Oracle as here been said God or Allah,... how

could this been happened that the Oracle excist & forever will be excist?

The beginning of the creation: We already would have been concluded

that due time endurance by thaking up light power that our Mind will rise

for knowledges & our consciousness rise there by on in the beginning ~

We’ve An Ev in creature form who's mind expanded in Time by time &

setted > Excistens = Morningstar who travel the whole Universe to create

& give tasks -- where is for need --*)! A Mass can be create due Ev/C² or

C²/F (&because C² can be set apart in C & E, The Oracle can conscious

making E in Frequention for creating whatever is for needing for) so here

also been said by in Throughby a enormous high spin of Energy in An

orbital space & time in frequention. Throughby acceleration of An Electron

or = light cuz it’s a form of electricity & 1 Ev = 0,511 Mev. in An & around

An Orbit or proton field (Is also a created function of a black hole) A proton

which mass is AP. 1800 times higher than an electron ;)ORAcle(; came AL

in beginning in shape & forever continue! Cuz we can concludes that:

“The Universe is A great Spiral & Time = fractal due this effect”. Sagnatarius A

is the Black Hole from our universe. (See picture black hole <> works) The

acceleration from Ev frequently rise in on time spins& the source of Ev in a

kind of cocon or cocon here seen as a bodymass to reflecting it to ourself for

example =Origin creation & universe grows & expand eternity!)" & So we can

notice it all "our Soul shall not perish when we thaking our last or new breath,

that's what within the maths can be conclude”*!) Cuz without Nothing ->

<Something not exist so Nothing = Something; 0 = 1 Ev?!) > 1 Ev is not 0 & =

rising in time & cuz if as E = 0 > 0 = M . C² ~ ¥ ~ & M = Ev/C² & Because E(v)
is an Energy in a Mass & > M would perish Energy = is still be tHere! Forever
life = conclude cuz Ev is seen here our Soul & will even death survive “M =

Ev/C² > 0 = Ev/C².C² > 0 = Ev & Ev = not 0 <> rise in time > E forever =REAL:


{(F. ∆T)/( Ev². R²)} = 1 

(Acceleration = R² fastens & time ∆T shortens & due rise F & works on E(v) in Time)




Ev have an Standard measure begin of 0,511 MeV,

à ET is also the Roots from Ev.


{(F. ∆T)/( √Ev . R²)} = 1


Codex & Origin from ALL Creations!)



{(F. ∆T)/(Ev . R²)} = 1



OMINDDuCe'e'e'* DNA. Y1S AMEN.,)



The Maya time cycle & time = fractal in sense time is from begin on increase speed ~ 20 fundaments
of 20 wherein 13th stage in 20th a higher consciousness will mean for us – become conscious in time;
being itself ~ Picture is a calculation from the beginning of time to the end of time or 0 time ~ wherein
we come conscious aware of Divinity & God ~Spiritual Awakening & great change which is prophecy!
11 august, 3114 B.C = Start notification writings whereon will 1 time a double time & half a time come
to pass: “Writings, Industrial, IT, Transformation”.Those inscriptions can be found, on a rock in Mayan
city Yucatan = The milestone date, to calculate the calculation of truth & the fair justice about it, & will
guide us in followed to our higher consciousness. One need to calculate 13 x 394,3 years or 13 times
144.000 days with begin date for the end date = 0 time & also means the start date for special event!)

"11 august 3114 B.C."; We declare step by step:
13 x 394,3 years = 5125,9
3114 B.C. + 5125 year=5125 - 3114 = 2011)
Which day was transformation periode start?
11 august is equal as, the 223st day in 2011
Which day is equal 0.9 year?
The rule of 3 for to explain it:
1 year in 2011 has 365 days
0,9 year=? days on counting:
(0,9 x 365) / 1 = ? & ? = 328;
Which date was it happen in 2011?
328 - 223 = 105th & = 15 april 2011
From there on begon the last cyclus in its high gear to progress, see also the Arab spring begon follow
up to the 0 point in high progressing wherein also all prophecys came in to its completements, wherein
given noted in Bible & revelations(*). In 1582, the Julian calender, was changed in Gregorian calender,
thereby were 10 days skipped on long count. Sowe re-calculated those 10 days on old to present time

In count which means: 10 days added to 15 april 2011. We had got the reflected time, 24/25 april 2011
Easter-/Monday 2011: "Meant resurrection Jesus Christ". There where-on prophecy lays foundation on

& The Transformation end time is 2300 days for the last day (notification in Bible) = EQ 11 08 2017!) ~
11 08 3114BC. YC!) Than is written: “12 Happy are those who persevere and attain the thousand three
hundred and thirty-five days. From EA*2011-11082017=2300 days. Since 10 I was taking up on the day
of the Lord;)Spirit(; & been since then ongoing in transformation & testified for the truth ... Wrote in Holy
Scriptures: at Last day everyone Will be waking up. Book DNA EL!) 1 3 3-5 days & days is also count =
yEARs build on 11 08 3114BC (see time Picture above Figuretree). = '5' 1 '3' 1 year after on 11 '8' 3114
BC = 11 08 2017 sounds EQ as Heaven's EAT to all one to be save. (ElevenAID). Breath of life come =;
The time is righteous & Amanna()Cj!)*=Pentacost. Father means preceeder as a synoniem forin English
& VocaLibeReady!)
The way is been ForKNOWledged been prepared for you, you See =JHone' = Body
Christ & Jesus Amen ;)within Him = The Holy Spirit)COME!) OurA nation isa Living legend & whish = 2B, 1CTY.*




The Holy Scriptures, told that Everyone; Will Re-born & or become Spiritual Aware Conciousness) In the end of days à 2 come in NewTime.

Theologica is this been note as:
3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
4 “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”
5 Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.
6 Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.
7 You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’
8 The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.
So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”


Explanation Time & even 0 have an be knowed
of existence, cuz if 0 has no valuation of matter
existence could notE exist so here we can note
E or Time is 1 in self creation & reflect: ∆T ∫ TE
∆T = Ev or M in Frequency ;)due accelerations)
The more E there is or that we frequently receive ;)time(; more Powerfull we’re loaded uplifted).
In the mathematics we also can conclude the less we come aware of our own weight mass self.
What if Time reaches an 0 point? Or what happens beyond scene? notice: 0 = M . C² ¥ 0 = Ev!)
The 0 Time (see time picture above), is an activation time: The record of the energy in our body
– Become concious aware of an in living light within us
à An Oracle native impuls send to us to
activate = cross over & Said as to come ;)Spiritual(= Heaven ‘E’ = ‘H’ave ‘F’un) & New World,…

Revelation & 4Ever Life excistens 3 ExpLORDnation;
A mass; comes Energetic loaded = Living Soul) ~ ET¶:

The extraction of the square root from Time = need 4 knowing the transformation stages:
NOTE: The conscious awareness will risen graduately & steady (Time &Times & Time) ~
JunyTaR OurAS11 ∞8∞ Electrofied & Satisfaction, 2 find 3 self & unify inwithin lived love

The √0,25 = 0,5
The √1 = 1
The √0,5 = 0,70710678118 & = More Than 0,5 itselves
The √2 = 1,41421356237 & = Exact 2 x √0,5
& 0,5 x 2 = 1 & 0,25 x 4 = 1
The √3 = 1,7320508076
The √3,5 = 1,8708286934
The √4 = 2
& The √4,2 = 2,04939015319

Transformation uplifting progressing endures 2300 Days +- 6,3 yEars <> √6,3 = 2,5099800796>
Sense = Divine power &Light -I- Photon) uplifting feeling for all creatures & beings = DiviNation!

Know that because E = higher than just 1 Ev & Light = within Corps, E behold power over us all.
Theologic Said as EPHeze or Efeze =  Your Body or Corps & The conscious Spirit inwithin you)

E = H . F & C = H . F

The Frequention rise in Time, where through by our Higherself graduate rise in Time ~ & Mass
feels to come enlighten as concequence due this effect & it feels likes you after x-time walking,
as a living ghost=You move forward as like you feel no resistance of your own weightens at all.
You’re Mind rising to highter IQ’s & enables more capacities of your own brain as that you was
aware before & the transmission within the brain frequently rising its speed, so it will be easier,
become in time to understand what is happening with you. Because in the beginning you could
be a bit become confused where after you come as like it’s been said: “coming out the clouds”.
You’ll become to feel or you’re thoughts going like as you think you’ll live with 2 as one inside =
Higherself; & the light within youself is like you’re guide, … Later on it feels like you’ve an Aura,
wave around body & Mind enables you to do on travel where you are in the moment self &Joy!*


& SOS where it truly has its meaning 2B4 = aid 2 become living in oneness together)



Reward yourself & community by supporting the environmental priority to receive your needs & judge undependant by closing or opening the way by & for yourself own chosen interActions we see become ;)visable(; BY recording A kind of communities' priority supply with externally demand given on up to you to support on the priority acts to do on so. So we work together on a community where we can take whatever pleases us, because the way is opened to Joy the way of life thanks to our presence & support on the needs of each commune. So will our well-being will be secured, any time which has to come, when we need Aid 4 our older days & 4 whenever it is need 4 all 12, cuz otherwise we have to make priority of the need with collective sense & undertakings! Reco'o'rdinations & restructuralization for IQ storage places for easy transitions = 4 EcoLogic & Native Legacy way 2 live in 1ness Unity!) *{1= S.P / Bx . G} Enguide uS into NWOZ{Supply / Demand} = 1 = )Support . Presence / Belong x. GoodTranSit(; 40-2 Y1S I am Z&  & Have A Good time!) Ma'i'TreyA -I- HCO3 = Living water & first aid for Acidose... !)EAse(* idd. Amen.
Why notE mak'e'Ya kind of communisation with rewarding presents )guide us)( transition' 'way' ~ Budget plan comprehansive with bonus & comfort whereby we enable to come in a way where 1&1another can be creative on their own possibilities & To Be'COME!' a path where he or & she can choose in for to Be in being become;)re-union(Global sense as meant to Be ~*~ Oneness & Global Commune = All together EQ 1 = A R'e'cording of Commune! To be loved to be love to be loved to Be, )Presence(; followed ~ Whereby ourA motivation rises & assurance is B,enabled  & where in we all feel like we are all important, to make happen & to walk into an ingathered innovated forseen hopeful future where we all work on a new skyline arisen how we love to live & to work on all Together. So we can make up opportunities which is & is become priority at Any time given on & whereby everyone Be, undependant president! & = welcome to Be, )Happyland(; Miraclé
)SOS(< How do you ReAd; this notE'R? Let it be A question for the enabling for the new world order: "How can 2 different lands with different values do on equal trade without loose rehabilitee"?! ...